20 Years of Successful Custom Software Delivery

PΛVΛ Innovations delivers award winning, high-impact, high-performing custom software, mobile and web applications. PΛVΛ Innovations are expertly engineered to actuate all the right moves, to maximize the business value of development and move your customers and your business forward — fast.

94% Client Satisfaction

Our portfolio and philosophies speak to the successes of our client engagements — as diverse in size and scope as the clients themselves — from world-class mega brands such as Co-operators, Scotiabank and WSIB, to smaller niche and start-up ventures, all of whom trust PΛVΛ’s extensive experience and commitment to applying best practices in the business.

Guaranteed Delivery & Extensive Solution Warranty

PΛVΛ's development process provides high maturity and is based on many years of experience working in a multitude of business environments and with processes including scrum, iterative and agile. We offer a formal, repeatable process in which agility, cohesion and quality assurance are embedded.

Database, Integration, Web and Mobile

We employ the latest, most applicable CASE tools, platforms and frameworks, enabling us to custom-fit solutions quickly and efficiently. Our developers are highly experienced in Object Oriented Design and Programming as well as in Software Design Patterns. We deliver complete, cohesive, easily reusable solutions utilizing automated test platforms that make maintenance and regression testing as simple as possible.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring and Production Support

PΛVΛ's dedicated application management and infrastructure teams provide 24/7 uptime monitoring, 24/7 support, cloud hosting, dedicated, virtual dedicated server hosting and mission critical application management.